It’s smart to be lazy, Pt. 2

Recently a posting on our need for sleep aroused a few from the slumber of an overworked life. If you have trouble remembering it, maybe you should sleep. I know I should. A new study at Princeton shows that sleep deprivation may prevent neurogenesis by elevation of corticosteroids in the hippocampus (which incidentally, is a region of the brain and not a groovy university grounds). An alternative approach to boosting your memory and mental acuity may be to remove your adrenal glands. That way you don’t produce steroids in response to stress in the first place. Of course you may die as a result, so sleep is probably the go.

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  1. 1 seeker November 30, 2006 at 11:36 am

    Dear Misagh,
    Your posts on this topic made me think of the following quotation from the Guardian. You’ve probably seen it already, but I thought you might enjoy it again.

    “Regarding your question: There are very few people who can get along without eight hours sleep. If you are not one of those, you should protect your health by sleeping enough. The Guardian himself finds that it impairs his working capacity if he does not try and get a minimum of seven or eight hours.”

    (From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to two believers, September 15, 1952)

  2. 2 Misagh December 1, 2006 at 7:55 am

    Thanks for adding this perspective, Seeker. And welcome.

    For the unfamiliar reader, the phenomenal service and work that Shoghi Effendi (Guardian of the Baha’i Faith) achieved in a short lifetime is proof that we all should make time for sleep - from translating so many of the Baha’i Writings into English, writing several major texts and thousands of important letters, overseeing the spread and building of the Baha’i world community and its administration, liaising with leaders and authories as the head of the Baha’i Faith at the time, appointing and overseeing the work of the Hands of the Cause, obtaining, preserving and building the Baha’i Holy Places are just a few of his accomplishments after he was thrust into a position that he never wished for.

    I usually lack sleep with the excuse of having too much to do. With this perspective, that excuse no longer holds water.

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