A random fiction excerpt: Vignettes of Arms and Legs, Pt. 1

I thought I’d post a random excerpt from a story I’m working on. If I’m brave enough I might post more in the future!

26 October 1994.

Dear Ardeshir,

How is your end? I hope your family is good. How is your mother? How is your father? How is your sister? How is your brother? I hope they are all well. I am so glad to be writing in English to you. It has been a long and turning road for me, and it is remaining like this even in this country – I will explain to you later why. But I am hopeful for a bright and peaceful futures in Perth – am I too hopeful? Is it really very good?

It does not matter that your Farsi is not good. I believe you because I can read it, even though it is not always easy to read it. It does not have the meaning of your English prose at all – is that the correct word? But you have very beautifully handwriting, like a true poet. You are from Shiraz after all, correct? I am very surprised your handwriting is beautiful.

My end is good enough. Woollybutt is a strange place to live. Believe me, my friend has red hair on his head. He is very excellent in his grades and studies with me, but he smokes hashish.

Khoda Hafez,


P.S. Please do not be offended when I ask if your sister is doing well. I am just enquiring into her health.

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