What inspired an Aussie inspiration

I recently came across a couple of interesting references to the Baha’i Faith by iconic Australian Olympian Cathy Freeman:

Coz I’m free (AKA Cathy Freeman): Transcripts from ABC TV’s Message Stick, March 10 2006.

The love and pain that inspire Cathy
The Age newspaper

…her mother’s conversion to the Baha’i faith was another seemingly random seed that would have enormous consequences for her future. Through the Baha’i community, Cecelia met her second husband, Bruce Barber, who would become Freeman’s first true believer and coach.

Moreover, some of the central tenets of Baha’i - oneness, equality, tolerance - would appear to explain Freeman’s extraordinary self-belief and strength of character in the face of the many instances of racism she describes in her book.

“I’m not a devout Baha’i but I like the prayers and I appreciate their values about the equality of all human kind,” she says.

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