The science of creativity

Latent inhibition, alpha waves, increased cortical arousal, noradrenalin… Looking for inspiration

This article from New Scientist is one of a series I’ll be posting looking at the genesis of creativity. Amongst the qualities of a creative mind are broad interests, the ability to handle conflict and complexity, and jump between brainwave states related to inspiration and execution.

Looking for inspiration by Helen Phillips
“PEOPLE have speculated about their own creativity for centuries - perhaps ever since we became able to think about thinking. Because creative thought just seems to “arrive”, the credit has been laid at the feet of gods and spirits or, recently, the id or the subconscious mind. Whatever it is, it is thinking at the edge, at the very fringes. The only bit of the creative process we actually know about is the moment of insight, yet creative ideas and projects may incubate beyond our awareness for months or even years. Not surprising, then, that creativity has long eluded scientific study…”

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